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Dollar Store

Now that is a great question.  And, it makes you wonder if all site names might have the same issue.  For instance, mine is "My Choice Things".  And, surprisingly enough the name actually represents what I offer, things that I've chosen for one reason or another.  They do not necessarily have commonality between each product or service, but, they are my choices.

The link above B2BNetworking refers to a unique digial networking group that spans the USA and the world.  Through your membership you will connect with other unique businesses that service the same general areas and offer you leads for your business.

Health and Wellness products is a membership group where you, as a biohacker, can help maximize your potential by helping you optimize your brain and body.

Environmentally Clean Products is a membership group that offers its members evironmentally clean products for their home and business.  You can feel secure in the fact that you will never need to inhale toxic gases or incur chemical damage to you or your family.

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